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Our ranges


Savour life’s special moments with Cellier des Dauphins’s sun-drenched wines. All the ranges of wines reflect our distinct terroirs and wide array of grape varieties.



Our RESERVE wines are the result of exceptional winemaking skills at every step of the process, from vine to glass. These voluptuous wines embody the Côtes du Rhône’s sunny terroirs and distinguished grape varieties. The reds are packed with black fruit flavour and silky tannins, while the rosé Reserves offer freshness and notes of redcurrant. The white Reserves have white fruit aromas and a hint of vanilla.



Through the ORIGINAE range, Cellier des Dauphins clearly claims its actions carried out in the preservation of the environment, and places particular emphasis on the eco-design of its products. Beyond eco-design, Cellier des Dauphins has also implemented sustainable management of its resources, as well as numerous actions to reduce its waste.

Réserve Bio


Cellier des Dauphins winemakers have been committed to fair sustainable agriculture for decades and now boast one of France’s largest networks of organic vineyards – over 1,000 hectares. RÉSERVE BIO, our range of organic wines, bursts with the natural aromas of sun-drenched grapes.

Les Dauphins


The wines labelled Les Dauphins are a range of Côtes du Rhône wines crafted with a resolutely contemporary character – what we call “bistro spirit.” These wines have been selected and aged in a way that fully develops their wide aromatic range. They are perfect for aperitifs and cocktail dining.

Val Soléu


The aromatic rosé !



Made from grape varieties of southern France, grown in vineyards bordered by lavender fields and olive groves, these traditional wines are for dining. The Prestige wines are ample, opulent wines characterised by their simple authenticity.



From select vineyards, these wines pay homage to the ancient villages of the southern Rhône Valley. The wines embody their long tradition of vinicultural expertise and reflect the rich diversity of our region’s myriad soil types and micro-climates.

Crus des Côtes du Rhône


A veritable vinicultural heritage, the appellation Cru Des Côtes du Rhône has a rich and celebrated past. These illustrious wines are crafted using the region’s age-old winemaking skills and traditions.