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2 May 2019

The awakening of the vines


This year spring took the vineyards by surprise with exceptionally mild temperatures in March!  The vines burst into life extremely early on our hotter and more protected terroirs, with the first buds appearing whilst the winegrowers were still hastening to finish pruning and tilling the soils.

Budbreak, the first major stage in the vegetative cycle, had begun…. This is the moment when the vine buds start to unfurl to reveal new green growth, covered in a fine downy layer, which will develop into the leaves of the vine.

Stade débourrement

Morning temperatures are closely monitored by the winegrowers during this delicate growth period, for the young shoots are extremely sensitive to spring frosts.

It is then that the vine, gently nurtured by the warmth of the sun, develops its leaf structure and shoots ready to welcome generous bunches of grapes.