The success-story started in 1967 when the brand Cellier des Dauphins was created, shortly after the creation of the Union de Caves Coopératives. The name Cellier des Dauphins is derived from the location of our vineyards which belonged to the French "Dauphin" who was the son and heir of the King of France. 

Cellier des DauphinsCellier des Dauphins Prestige 1966

Cellier des Dauphins is the most well-known and most widely distributed Rhône brand :

1 bottle out of every 6 Côtes du Rhône wines sold in France is branded Cellier des Dauphins.

From the start, "Cellier des Dauphins" brand adopted a highly distinctive and original bottle shape.  On a market where returnable bottles and wines by the litre represented the main offering, "Cellier des Dauphins" rapidly asserted its difference and imposed itself as the reference for Côtes du Rhône.

The generous shape of the bottle is still today one of the distinctive features of the wine range. From the end of the 70's this special bottle was used as a mini 25cl bottle with a screwcap, thus offering a bottle sizeadapted to moderate or individual consumption. The "Cellier des Dauphins" mini bottles widely contributed to the success of the brand. 

For over 45 years, Cellier des Dauphins has had a strong business and an excellent reputation. Today it is a benchmark for Rhône Valley Wines.

Over the years, Cellier des Dauphins has proven its ability to follow consumer trends and to propose adapted wines and bottle sizes: after the major success of Côtes du Rhône "Prestige" 75 cl and mini bottles, Cellier des Dauphins "bag-in-box ®" (or "wine fountains") rapidly became the star references for large containers in supermarkets. Essentially known for its Côtes du Rhône red wine, Cellier des Dauphins also offers a wide range of wines which suit consumers' expectations worldwide.. For example, the Côtes du Rhône rosés, fruity wines, encounter an increasing success with sunny wine amateurs. An Organic version, is also available in supermarkets (Find out more about "Cellier des Dauphins" range).

Although U.V.C.D.R proposes a multitude of ranges adapted to its different markets and customers through its different activities, "Cellier des Dauphins" wines still represent a significant part of the enterprise's activity on the French market.